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With a Computer Science major at the University of Wisconsin Platteville, and an emphasis in Mathematics, I have strived to build a strong science foundation. Outside of the technology and science world, I am an EMT, Firefighter, and avid learner. Learning and striving to become a more rounded and educated person is a core value and goal that I continue to pursue everyday.

Early and Post Education


From an early age, it was obvious, I would be involved in a science field someday. With a curiosity of how stuff worked to building weird contraptions with items in my dad's garage, and beating my parents in memory games, I was always getting involved in learning and building something new.

High School

After completing my elementry and middle school education as a home school student, taught by my mom, I went on to attend Brodhead High School for my pre-college education. Here is where I started to find my interest in engineering. I was involved in Project Lead the Way programs, from 3D modeling classes to intro to engineering and others, I decided that when I graduated, I wanted to go to college for Mechanical Engineering.


After graduating in the academic top ten from highschool, I went on to the University of Wisconsin Platteville to pursue my degreen in Mechanical Engineering. Keeping involved in campus life, I participated in several campus orginizations. For several years, I was involved in the Society of Physics Students, the Association of Computing Machinery, the Association of Information Technology Proffesionals, and a Resident Assistant for for university housing. During my 3rd year in college, I took a cooperative education job as Facilities Engineering Manager for Seagrave Fire Apparatus for 9 months. After my co-op, I started taking some introductory programming classes in C++, and loved it and ended up changing my degree from Mechanical Engineering to Computer Science with an emphasis in Mathematics.

To Infinity and Beyond

To the future and beyond, we will see what happens!

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